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A Python package to load Distributed Temperature Sensing files, perform a calibration, and plot the result. A detailed description of the calibration procedure can be found at https://doi.org/10.3390/s20082235 .

  • Free software: BSD 3-Clause License


pip install dtscalibration

Or the development version directly from GitHub

pip install https://github.com/dtscalibration/python-dts-calibration/zipball/main --upgrade

Package features

Devices currently supported

  • Silixa Ltd.: Ultima & XT-DTS .xml files (up to version 8.1)

  • Sensornet Ltd.: Oryx, Halo & Sentinel .ddf files

  • AP Sensing: CP320 .xml files (single ended only)

  • SensorTran: SensorTran 5100 .dat binary files (single ended only)


How to cite

The following article explains and discusses the calibration procedure:

des Tombe, B., Schilperoort, B., & Bakker, M. (2020). Estimation of Temperature and Associated Uncertainty from Fiber-Optic Raman-Spectrum Distributed Temperature Sensing. Sensors, 20(8), 2235. https://doi.org/10.3390/s20082235

Cite the specific implementation / repository via Zenodo:

  1. Check the version of dtscalibration that is used in your Python console with:

    >>> import dtscalibration
    >>> dtscalibration.__version__
  2. Go to Zenodo and follow the link to the version of interest.

  3. The citation is found on the bottom right of the page.